CMS or Custom Website, Which To Go For

There comes a time you decide to establish a strong online reputation in the digital online world, getting a website comes next. Creating a new website takes a well detailed planning and decision making. One of the decisions to be made is to decide whether to use a custom-based website or a content management system website. A lot of companies today make use of the CMS website as it allows them to create a website without the need to hire a web developer or write any code. Could that be the best decision? In this article, we give you a detailed comparison between a CMS website and a custom-based website.


In its basic form, CMS is just a click and drop building platform for websites, just like the normal graphic design software like CorelDraw, Photoshop, etc.  It offers an interface that does not require any coding skills or other technical knowledge. Content creators and managers can deploy changes to the site without the help of a well-skilled developer. Examples are WordPress, Wix, Joomla, Prestashop, etc.

The following are the common features of CMS:

  • Creating content – it allows user to create, edit, and format content with ease
  • Storing of content – it stores content in one piece neat, and concisely with a consistent fashion.
  • Workflow – create a work-free station with the ease of carrying out various responsibilities by the authors, editors, and admin. 
  • Publishing – Organizing and publishing content live.

Other features and capabilities of good content management include:

  • What you see is what you get editor ( WYS/WYG )
  • Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) Friendly
  • Mobile optimizing and response design
  • Multi-User management
  • Browser compatibility
  • E-commerce functions – i.e., catalog, shopping cart, secured payment system
  • Community management – i.e., commenting, profile
  • Library of website themes
  • Tools for tagging content and creating classification
  • Analytics tools
  • Application Programming Interface and a lot more

NETWALKERS NG will create the best website for your brand with a suitable CONTENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.


There are 2 major advantage or benefits of a CMS based website:

  • It creates room for teamwork where multiple users can log on and contribute, format, or edit content to be published. CMS can be assessed from anywhere by any user because of the browser-based interface.
  • Allows people with little or no technical knowledge of programming to easily create their web content. A user can edit text or upload an image without knowing HTML or CSS which is made possible by the WYS/WYG editors on every CMS platform.


There is almost no limit to the factors that an organization needs to consider before investing in CMS. An organization needs to evaluate its information management practice and the business goal with respect to the publishing of content.

Making a list of the business problems you are trying to solve as well as any specific requirements you may have will make you choose the right content management system for your website – the one that supports your business requirements.

They come in all forms, shapes, and sizes, each with its own basic functionality such as an easy-to-use editor interface and intelligent search capabilities. Some are used for blogging, others may be designed for eCommerce with features for pricing and accounting functionality, these specifics will vary based on your company’s needs and resources. 

Having known what CMS platform is all about and things to consider before choosing a good CMS for your business,  we are NETWALKERS NG an intelligent business solutions provider for small businesses in Nigeria, situated at 274 Lagos Rd, Ogolonto – Ikorodu, Lagos State.


What is a custom website?

Custom website are hand coded website using programming language such as JavaScript, Python, Nodejs, PHP, etc. 



Your brand becomes stronger when built to fit its own unique purpose rather than buying a ready-made template. This is the most important value of a custom website because it is built specifically to support your brand in a consistent way. The more customized your website is the more professional you appear to your audience, to read more on this click


There is no limit to graphic design and functionality when you use a custom-built website. Whatever you think of, a custom site can be programmed to perform your needs. 


Getting a website that is flexible and grows alongside the growth of your business is a key advantage in establishing a strong presence online, click here to learn more about taking your business online. You might want to make a significant change not only to the design but also to the functionality of your site, having built a digital presence with a system that allows a larger flow of traffic and flexible so that it is easy to make changes to the functionality of the existing platform is a vital asset for any business looking to expand in the digital world. 


A custom site is pretty easy to update, your developer will be able to fix any problem that occurs in the nearest future by changing the coding of the site. With a content management system, you wait for updates to happen and when that happens, some of those updates can mess up your content or layout which will put a big hole to your site security as well. Website security has become a more challenging issue for search engines and customers as well. Using a CMS platform opens your website to vulnerabilities that affect all other websites using these platforms, this means that any vulnerabilities found on any website can be used to penetrate all other websites using the same version of the platform.

With a custom-based website, your developer can make updates for you and secure you from potential hackers. More article on WEBSITE SECURITY coming soon.


Web developers who build the site from scratch have the technical know-how to optimize your site for search engines. This is very vital for your digital presence, especially when targeting a special region/area and or product/services. A web developer can add a customized code that allows better keyword penetration and features to the site which will make your website SEO friendly for your brand awareness.


Custom build site allows you to avoid unnecessary functionality and bloatware. This bloatware, can not increase the complexity of a user but will affect the technical structure of a site which affects the time for a website to load. Building each function for your site allows you to optimize not only the functionality but also the design of these functions which avoid unnecessary functionality and further increase the speed. 


A lot of business starters do not pay attention to this value. In a real sense,  compatibility can make or break your site across all platforms. According to research google has about 90% of the entire

and most people use google chrome these days. A custom website ensures that your design is consistent across all browsers


If your business requires more of your is of great importance to get a custom build website. Hiring a web design agency to build a custom site saves you a lot of time and energy since you won’t be able to modify your site all by yourself. This allows you to have more time to grow your business and focus on other parts.


As a business owner with the aim of just showing your brand online, a CMS website is the best option but going beyond displaying your brand, you might want to run a web application then you should consider using a custom website.

Here are few tips to consider in making the right choice of website for your brand.


Depending on how much money you can afford on a website design, you can give what you have. Custom build website is more expensive than a content management system website. CMS is often cheap and sometimes free to download on the internet.


 If you are time conscious or you do have a specific date to launch your website? If so a CMS website is the fastest one you can get but if you do have plenty of time at your disposal then you go for a custom-based website to suit your brand.


 You should consider the amount of time you can invest when choosing the type of website you want. CMS based website will require more of your time than a custom-based website.


When making your choice you should consider responsiveness across all devices. Whether you go for a CMS website or a custom-based one, have a website that is mobile-friendly because a lot of people nowadays surf the net with their mobile devices, you also need to optimize your site for mobile use. 


NETWALKERS NG intelligent business solutions offer both a content management system website and custom-based websites services for your business needs. If you are finding it difficult to decide, message us today, we offer free consultation and we will be glad to assist you.

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