Ending your emails with a signature is a great way to establish your brand in communication. A professional email signature is a fast tool for marketing your company or yourself.

In this article, you’ll find tips for why your business needs one, benefits of the email signature, types of a business email, free business email signatures vs paid, requirements for getting business email signatures, HTML signatures vs static business email signatures, email clients, etc.

First, let us understand the meaning of an email signature.

What is an Email Signature?

An email signature or email footer is a part of a brand image, social media links, company slogan, your name, and position held. It is often called an email footer. It provides a great way to establish your brand in communication to the recipient. An email signature can be a combination of words embedded in the conclusion of an email. It could be inserted at the click of a button. You can think of it as your business card in the online world which presents all your business information including name, contact number, and address to the recipients.

This makes email signature as an organization business card and clears you of the need to share contact numbers and website links to anyone which you send an email.

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Why do my businesses need an email signature?

Successful companies no longer think of email signatures as a low-level tool, it plays the row of your business card whenever you send an email. Email signature/footer can also attract opportunities and build a relationship with new prospects. This article further explains why it is important for companies to have a professional email signature in their email marketing.

  1. An email signature establishes your brand in communication: Well-established businesses need techniques and strategies to gain the attention of clients. They need marketing campaigns and often leverage email platforms as a way to communicate with their customers. Powerful branding of products and services requires businesses to embed email signatures/email footers footer in their email campaign. It professionally presents their brand’s message.
  2. Email Signature Provides quick links to important info about a company: Email signatures can also provide an important link to the recipients. It makes it easy for recipients to get the information that might be interested in them quickly. You can make your email signature professional by adding your company contact number, email, address, links to the company’s social networks, and YouTube channels.

What Are The Benefits Of Email Signature?

Email remains the most effective way for business communication. Though channels like social networks like slack continue to crop up, email still rules. Email signatures offer a clean and powerful way to break through the inbox jumble to promote and protect your brand. Here are three benefits of using email signatures to speed up your company success:

  1. Represent a Digital Business Card: Businesses usually need a physical business card for numerous reasons. They come in handy when introducing an individual or a group of people to the company they work in. An email signature also does the same, it is an excellent equivalent to a business card in the digital world. It is a great way to represent your company and connect with customers to convey information about your business. 
  2. Business Promotions and campaign: Every business dreams big. To make your business come true, you will need a strategy that works. As marketers, we have to make sure everyone knows about our Next Big Thing or Business Dreams. A well-designed email signature is a perfect place to promote your latest campaign or promotion – and drive credibility for your brand. Email signatures offer a convenient, fast, efficient way to inform customers and partners about new promotions, discounts, marketing campaigns, or changes to your business.
  3. Maximize sales, and customer service: Professional and well-designed email signatures can make it easy for recipients to get in touch. Making sure your business information in the email signature is accurate and consistent across departments, teams, or even geographies can maximize your sales customer service, and establish your brand.

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Free Email Signatures vs Premium Email Signature

Before you start to create your email signature, it is best to know the difference between free and premium email signatures and why you may want to try premium service.

You can’t get a unique and professional email signature design for free. If you’re using an online tool, there are a lot of features available in premium email signatures that you barely find in free tools, so if you’re looking for a professional and unique design email signature, I will recommend you try premium email tools.

So, why would you use a premium footer signature template instead of free ones, anyway? Plenty of reasons. Using templates is a real time-saver, especially when there are so many details to include in your signature.

Plus: you will also get a great design without the headache of creating it yourself. A professional template is also easy to customize so you get a unique look for your email signature design.

Requirements for Getting a Business Email Signatures

There are some essential things you need to have in place for a professional email signature.

  1. Your name and company name. Your name tells the recipient who sent the email. If you’re representing a company, you should also include your name and title at the company.
  2. Business Contact information. Your business contact information should also include your business website and at least one phone number.  It’s okay to include your email address although many experts say it’s unnecessary.
  3. Business Social links. It’s important and becoming increasingly to include social media contact information in your email signature. Choose your most professional social media accounts to link to. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram are good examples. Avoid linking to frivolous or irrelevant social accounts.
  4. Logo. If you own your business or work for a company, you may wish to include your logo in your email signature.
  5. Photo (optional). Adding a photo to an email signature can help the recipient put your face to your name.
  6. Responsive design. Before getting your email signature, you need to make sure your design is responsive. The usage of smartphones and other mobile devices has increased. Chances are your email recipient will open your email on a mobile device. A responsive design adjusts for mobile readers.

Don’t make your email signature too long or include an overwhelming amount of information. The best email signatures are short. Studies have shown that recipients tend to ignore email signatures with too much information. For example, one or two phone numbers is usually enough.

Also, be careful about adding irrelevant information such as long quotes or controversial sayings. These often add nothing of value to your email signature. At the worst, a quote could offend or annoy your reader—causing you to lose business.

HTML Signatures vs Static Business Email Signatures

The difference between HTML and statics signature is HTML (HyperText Markup Language) signature is a piece of text that is appearing on the bottom of your online message. It is different from the simple and common, plain text by an ability to display images in different sizes, colors, and shapes, add tracking links, lines or dots other design elements.


These are email addresses that consist of your business domain name instead of the generic email address everyone can create for themselves using platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. for example damilola_animashaun@netwalkers.com.ng

New businesses make use of this common email account without a domain name which is very unprofessional. For example, johnsmith@gmail.com or johnsmith@yahoo.com. For the fact that virtually anyone can create these common email accounts, it becomes very hard for customers and other businesses to trust such email addresses as real or legitimate business email accounts. As a business owner looking to establish a strong connection with your customers via email marketing, it is of great importance to consider using a professional business email address that consists of your domain name.

Here are some reasons for you to obtain a professional email address for your business

  • It makes your business more professional
  • Easy to remember
  • Allows your business to gain customers trust with a strong connection
  • Promotes your brand when you send emails to customers with domain email addresses.

For you to get a professional business email, you must first acquire a domain name and a website then you will need email clients to handle your business mails. 

A lot of web hosting platforms offer free business email addresses using your domain name with limited or unlimited email accounts to be created depending on the package you paid for. 

Sometimes using these free business email addresses is not always the best because your mail may or may not deliver straight into the inbox of your recipient which goes to the spam box allowing your business to lose credibility but going for the premium or paid business email address is a sure bet for success. Examples of email clients that offer premium or paid plans are Google Suite, Open exchange, Email signatures can be configured on Right Inbox, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, etc.


Are you struggling to build a professional email and signature design or you think your signature needs improvement? A professional email signature design is often more difficult to get right than people think, taking a great deal of time and effort. It has to look visually appealing in different email clients and on mobile devices, includes concise contact details, complies with disclaimer law, and be consistent across an entire organization. No wonder so many struggles when it comes to creating the perfect email signature.

Whether you want something simple or want to include lots of information, you have NetwalkersNG at your side to help out, get in touch with them now

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