Introducing Hotelia cloud

Hotelia web is our web based app (booking engine ) highly optimized to keep your hotels rooms filled and also automates booking reservations.

with our hotelia web app, Hotels can increase sales with a simple guest booking experience.

You can save time with quick and easy setup.

You can eliminate manual entry with instant integration.

You can make better decisions with data.

You can gain an advantage over competitors who don’t have one .

Package Features

1. Payment system
2. Blog Site.
3. News Letters.
4. Real Time Chat
5. Digital Marketing.
6. SEO optimization.
7. Social media tracking integration.
8. Room order auto optimization.
9. Intuitive booking summary.
10. Google Analytics integration.
11. Channel Manager Integration
12. Promotion codes. - User Dashboard.
13. Admin dashboard. - Air time gifting.
14. Referral System
15. Hide unavailable rooms.
16. Quick and simple reservation process.
17. Mobile friendly.
19. Staff outsourcing.

You already have website? No biggie, all we need you is to place a book now on your website and we will take it up from there.


Admin Demo:


Password: 123456

Need to talk to us ? Please call +2347013178793