Making a real-life practical to what content marketing entails for example a tin of milk. The tin is the container ( marketing ) that contains the content milk that is your product or services. So to establish your tin of milk you need to create valuable content and share across the various platform to attract and engage your targeted audience which leads to the meaning which says;

Content marketing is a type of marketing strategy which involves the process of creating valuable, relevant, and consistent online materials about your product or services and distributing or sharing across various platforms to gain, attract and engage your targeted audience with the aim of driving profitable customer action.

Simply creating content is not just enough you have to go the extra mile to create content that will help gain the trust of your target audience. In digital marketing, content marketing is used in order to:

  • To attract and generate leads
  • Increase the customer base
  • Increase brand awareness and credibility
  • Engage the community of users online 
  • Increase online sales.

Good content marketing will attract prospects and transform them into customers by creating and sharing meaningful free content for your brand. It helps businesses to create long-lasting brand loyalty, provides the essential information to customers, and creates the willingness to purchase products from your business in the nearest future. Content marketing does not involve direct sales. Instead, it builds a strong and healthy relationship with your audience. 

The keyword in the definition is “valuable” it changes the overall definition from one that could be used to describe any form of advertisement or marketing. You can tell if a piece of content can be used as part of a content marketing campaign if the audience seeks it out if the audience wants to consume it rather than discarding it. 

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There are far too many types of content marketing alongside content too. Our aim is to go give you an introduction to what content marketing is all about. We are given you the most common categories you are likely to encounter.

These include:

  • Blog Post
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Video
  • Social Media


According to The State Content of Marketing Report 2019: Global Report, blog posts still account for the majority of content marketing out there. Businesses that use blogs receive 97 percent more links to their website. This is why it is useful since blogging can be cost-effective for small businesses with a low budget. 

Blog posts are most effective when put into good use, like other types of content marketing. Instead of blogging about how your product can change lives, you should be writing articles related to your product or services. All that your readers want is to know what you know and how you are able to solve their problem, not what everyone else has already said. Getting your reader’s attention is more valuable today.

Blogging helps improve your search engine optimization and it is also a great way to establish a healthy relationship with your leads and current customers. The more valuable content you create the more your target audience will be to consider purchasing your brand when they are ready. Blogs are very effective in providing value through short-form content.


These are vertical graphics that include charts, statistics, graphs, and other information which are generally long. Click here for some examples curated by Michael Schmitz, head of Content Lab at Publicis, Munich. If you create good infographic content it can be passed around social media and across a different website for years. 

An infographic can be successful if the content is simple, impactful, and meaningful. The point is to gather a lot of complicated information from a study or survey and break it down into useful points. They can be used in written blogs or as a single content for both blogging and social media, just make sure you keep it simple and meaningful filled with strong points. 


A podcast gives you a high range of visibility in a completely different world. Good and high-quality podcasts have been extremely important for some digital marketers, universally they are far from what your contents need. If you can get the right equipment, they become simple to produce, and if shared through a podcast channel can have a massive reach to your audience. 

To bring awareness to your brand from scratch to the top and also showcase your brand in a big way using a professionally created podcast. While running a podcast network, you can still add those podcasts to your business website and social media as extra content for your audience.


A well-crafted video can be time-consuming and also expensive to create, but it is hot and very popular among consumers. To remain relevant in the ever-growing world of digital marketing. It is important to find a way to grab your target’s audience attention and engage them quickly with good video content. Video content is on the rise as consumers nowadays view more of it. In fact, one-third of the online activities by consumers is spent viewing video content. This known fact makes video one of the best types of content marketing for reaching and engaging your audience no matter which business you are into. 

For a small business, video is a great content marketing tool because it provides an appealing return on investment. It definitely helps when commanding a strong online presence for your brand awareness. A brand that uses video marketing content can expect to see an average increase of 157 percent in organic traffic from search engines by Brightcove. Video also helps to increase the amount of time spent on site by 105%. The more time your audience spends on your website, the greater the possibilities of making sales.

If you are willing to harness the power of video marketing you have to consider the type of topic and content that your audience will find valuable for them before you embark on planning your content. This depends on where your target audience is in the consumer’s journey. In the awareness stage, a short and interesting video helps you engage your consumer while in the decision stage, how-to videos and product demos are great for influencing decision making.


It is no longer a secret that social media helps small businesses to reach their target audience.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram help businesses to reach out to a new audience and nurture the relationship with consumers. The content on your social media post goes a long way in how your company engages with new leads and existing customers. 

Why your business needs to care about it – 

  • It portrays your product or service with good reputations to your audience or prospective. buyers
  • Showcasing the problems your brand can solve
  • Relevant and Valuable content increases conversion rate – good content allows your audience to make a decisive action by buying your product or services
  • Increased search engine optimization ( SEO ).
  • Easy connection with your targeted audience.
  • Less expensive and so on.