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A web application is computer software that runs on a server, unlike most software that needs to be installed on individual computers, a web app needs only be installed on a dedicated computer often called a server. A server can be any desktop or laptop computer with a bit higher capacity than the other computers (host) accessing resources (software). These host computers can access the server computer through the internet or Local Area Network (LAN). A local area network is an interconnection of computers with a local area or offices. They can be wired or wireless.  

Online websites like Google search, Gmail, Youtube, Jumia, etc are all web because we access them through our browsers. They are not limited to the internet though. In organizations, they may have their accounting software, HRM software, etc on a local area network and every other user computer connects to this server computer through LAN. In healthcare, clinics or hospital may have their EMR software on a local area network. Pharmacy or retail shops most times have their point of sale software (POS) on a local area network. 

unlike computer-based software programs that are run locally on the operating system of the device. Web applications are accessed by the user through a web browser with an active network connection. 

Why Web App?

Web apps have these advantages over other kinds of apps:

  1. Cheaper: The cost of maintaining your business software is reduced drastically because you care more for the server computer. You don’t need to pay the individual cost of licenses, upgrades, antivirus, and hardware for individual host computers. 
  2. Less Downtime: Because the server houses the software that drives your business which most times under key and locked in a particular room, there are fewer chances that staff will manipulate it or even expose it to virus or malware as such increases its efficiency.
  3. Easy to set up and add up new users (computers): Any user with a device with a browser can easily begin to use your organization’s software. All they need is to assign an IP address to that device and viola, they have joined.
  4. More Security: Because your application is housed on a server, you can always hold person access to the server responsible for altering the functionalities of the server functions or records.
  5. Ease with upgrades: Unlike other kinds of computer software that need you to upgrade individual software on every computer, web app only need the software in the server upgraded and everyone enjoys the upgrade.

Web Apps We’ve built and maintain

Over the years we have taken our time to build and maintain these web apps for our clients.

Clinique Plus EMR Software: Clinique Plus is a modern & robust Electronic Medical Record Software for any kind of Clinic or Hospital. Manage & automate your clinical and administrative processes in just a click. 

TrackAssist: Track Assist is a tracking system for organizations with service engineers and several install bases.

Hotelia: Complete system and booking engine for hotel owners and managers.

How We Build Apps

All of our app development starts from Us having an in-depth understanding of what our clients expect from Us, after which we:

  1. Do a rough sketch of several pages on paper.
  2. User Experience/User Interface (UI/UX): This is the prototyping phase using prototype software like Adobe XD or Figma. These are graphical images and the user experience of how the software will look. We chose colors, fonts, colors, etc.
  3. Front End Design. Our front-end developers begin coding the prototype already designed by our UI/UX team. We use languages like HTML. CSS, JavaScript, etc.
  4. Back End Development: At this stage, our backend developers jump on the core capabilities of the web app. They begin implementing every function already discuses.
  5. This stage is the testing phase, the app is tested against every possibility of loopholes and hence corrected or optimized. The language we normally use includes PHP, Javascript, Node JS, Typescript, Mysql, Mongo DB, etc.
  6. Shipment: At this stage, the app is deployed either on the internet or on a local area network.

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