Learn To Grow Medical Practice Online

Are you unemployed, unemployed, looking for a career switch into the medical industry, or just want to learn how to grow a business online? No problem, this is just for you.

Most job seekers just care about their immediate problem which is to earn more money, they are right, you really can’t do shit or even survive without money, they want to earn XYZ amount because that’s what’s going to survive them for the month and still have some change left or based on their knowledge, qualification or certificates. The bitter truth is that nobody really cares about your problem, knowledge, or the certificates you possess. People will only take you seriously or care about you if you can solve their problem with your knowledge, certifications. Money only flows in direction of value, the more valuable to an employer, the more premium will place on you, and that’s how much he will be willing to pay you.

Every business has this problem of making more money. Making money online is the new normal and has become more difficult now than before. Medical practices wish to reach wider audiences and make more money but either don’t know or are too occupied with medical practice.
Knowing how to help medical practice make more money is a great skill to make every organization have you among their team or even for your personal practice or business.

Netwalkers NG is organizing this webinar to train deserving individuals to professionally manage medical practice online to make more money.

What you will be learning include
1. Online opportunities for medical practice.
2. Managing medical practice website
3. Social medical marketing
4. Search engine optimization to get medical practice discovered online
5. Bulk SMS
6. Email marketing
7. Google my business
8. Basic graphics design
You may be assigned to some of our clients to practice all you have learned and when opportunities open up, we will be glad to refer serious and skilled learners.

A certificate will be issued to deserving participants but not free.

To get started, please fill out the form using the link below. Only shortlisted people be contacted.